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documents and example files for Raster3D

Raster3D is a set of tools for generating high quality raster images of proteins or other molecules. The core program renders spheres, triangles, cylinders, and quadric surfaces with specular highlighting, Phong shading, and shadowing. It uses an efficient software Z-buffer algorithm which is independent of any graphics hardware. Ancillary programs process atomic coordinates from PDB files into rendering descriptions for pictures composed of ribbons, space-filling atoms, bonds, ball+stick, etc. Raster3D can also be used to render pictures composed in other programs such as Molscript in glorious 3D with highlights, shadowing, etc. Output is to pixel image files with 24 bits of color information per pixel.

This package contains documents and example files for the raster3d package.

Package version:3.0-2-4


raster3d-doc for Debian

Note that some examples included on raster3d-doc needs raster3d and
imagemagick packages installed to run properly. If you want to get full
functionality of the example scripts, you need to install them.

 -- Nelson A. de Oliveira <>, Sun, 10 Apr 2005 00:17:27 -0300


This directory contains some example uses of Raster3D, which
may serve as confirmation of successful installation or as
models for general use.

Most of the example scripts assume that ImageMagick is installed 
on your system as an image viewer.  If it is, then executing these 
shell scripts should produce an image on your X-windows screen.

There is a small picture gallery of the example images i



This directory contains two filters for processing molecular surfaces
produced by Michael Sanner's program msms.  One is a perl script; the
other is written in C.  Take your pick.

The msms home page is

Files provided here:

    msms2r3d.c		C source for a conversion program		perl s


HTML documentation for Raster3D package Version 2.5


raster3d (3.0-2-4) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Charles Plessy ]
  * debian/upstream-metadata.yaml ren


03-Feb-2011	Package 3.0-2 (SBGRID builds)
26-Jan-2011	Joe Krahn: use AlphaBlending mode 0 when rende


Upstream-Name: Raster3D

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