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Documentation and examples for the Simple Document Parser

SDF (Simple Document Format) is a freely available document development system which generates high quality outputs in a variety of formats from a single source. The output formats supported include PostScript(tm), PDF, HTML, plain text, POD, man pages, LaTeX, MIF, SGML, Windows(tm) help, RTF, MIMS F6 help and MIMS HTX help. If the idea of specifying documents in a logical manner via a simple markup language sounds appealing, SDF may be useful to you.
Package version:2.001+1-2


<!doctype html public "-//W30//DTD W3 HTML 2.0//EN">


<!-- This file was generated using SDF 2.001 by
     Ian Clatworthy ( SDF is freely
     available from -->

<TITLE>SDF 2.001: SDF Frequently Asked Questions</TITLE>
<BODY BGCOLOR="ffffff">

<DIV CLASS="header">
<DIV CLASS="navigate">
<P ALIGN="Center"><A HREF="../index.html


!init OPT_CONFIG='sdf'; SDF_ROOT="../"
# $Id$
# >>Copyright::
# Copyright (c) 1992-1997, Ian Clatworthy (
# You may distribute under the terms specified in the LICENSE file.
# >>History::
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------
# Date      Who     Change
# 14-Jul-97 ianc    2.000beta11 release
# 23-Apr-96 ianc    2.000beta4c release
# 29-Feb-9


H1: Output Formats

H2: What output formats does SDF directly support?

HTML, plain text, POD, MIF (Maker Interchange Format), SGML,
MIMS F6 help and MIMS HTX.

When generating HTML, either a single document or a set of
topics can be created.

When generating MIF, either a single document or a FrameMaker
book and set of chapters can be created.

H2: What output formats does SDF indirectly support


H1: General Questions

H2: Where can I get this document?

The latest version of this FAQ is availab


H1: Language Issues

H2: How do I enter an empty row in a table?

TBL format ignores blanks lines, s


H1: SDF in the real world

H2: How stable is SDF?

Other than some syntax changes introduced in 2.00


sdf (2.001+1-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Mark sdf Multi-Arch: foreign.
  * Use POSIX::ctime instea


Packaged by Ben Collins <> from sources obtained at

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