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combined parser/scanner generator documentation

"The Styx Handbook" describes application development with styx and contains HTML reference documentation for the styx API.

Contains a full blown example showing how to build an XML parser with styx.

cf. styx for features.

Package version:1.8.0-1.1


See doc for details.

The documentation is currently very sparse, though.


[README] Example 01

This example implements a simple calculator. It reads expressions of
the form "Int op=+|-|*|/ Int" from stdin. 
An empty line as well as the input "<ctrl>c" stops the process.

Use the shell script 'mx' to create the executable. 
Don't forget 
1) to check the setting of the environment variable STYXDIR in 'mx'
2) to add $STYXDIR/lib to your library path.

Execute the program b


[README] Example 02

Here we have the first non-trivial example of a styx application.
It is a somewhat complete little programming language approximately
of the complexety of LISP.

The example demonstrates to use of the derivation tree as a
source representation beyond parsing. Here, we use it to keep
the definition of functions available for execution.

Additionally, full static and dynamic sem


[README] Example 03

This example is a quick variation of the interpreter in Example 02.
Use the she


This 'calc' example demonstrates a few special abilities of the styx library:

You can (but need n


The file mcfg.sty contains a scanner definition for the configuration language
used to configure, f


The file ipl.sty serves as example for an indended language definition.

Use the shell script 'mx'


This directory contains grammar definitions for some well-known programming or modelling languages.


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