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Finite element method (FEM) C++ library - documentation

The finite element method (FEM) package SyFi is a C++ library built on top of the symbolic math library GiNaC. The name SyFi stands for Symbolic Finite Elements. The package provides polygonal domains, polynomial spaces, and degrees of freedom as symbolic expressions that are easily manipulated. This makes it easy to define finite elements and variational forms. These elements and forms are then used to generate efficient C++ code.

SyFi is similar to FFC in the sense that it has a compiler that generates UFC code based on variational forms and finite elements. It is also similar to FIAT in the sense that it implements many different finite elements.

This package contains documentation and demo programs for SyFi.

Package version:1.0.0.dfsg-1


SyFi - Symbolic Finite Elements

SyFi is a package for defining finite element methods. In contrast to
most other finite element packages, the finite elements, the weak
forms etc are defined symbolically instead of numerically. SyFi relies
on the symbolic math library GiNaC (

SFC - The SyFi Form Compiler

The SyFi Form Com


This directory contains a host of demo applications using SFC
together with DOLFIN to solve partial differential equations.
Feel free to send additional demos to

Note that this version of SFC depends on UFL 0.3, 
which does not work with PyDOLFIN from FEniCS 2009-04.
Use DOLFIN in C++ or try the development version of PyDOLFIN.
Some of the demos are only available in Python 


The demo produces a singular matrix after the transition to dolfin 0.9.7 and ufl 0.5.2


syfi (1.0.0.dfsg-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release.
  * debian/control:
    - Repla


The initial release of SyFi. Only Lagrangian elements and element
matrices for the Poisson probl


The main authors of SyFi are: 

  Kent-Andre Mardal <>
  Simula Research Laborato


Upstream-Name: SyFi

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