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Miscellaneous add-ons for Emacs

This package contains: align-string - align string components over several lines; all - edit all lines matching a given regexp; apache-mode - major mode for editing Apache configuration files; ascii - ASCII code display for character under point; auto-fill-inhibit - finer grained control over auto-fill-mode; bar-cursor - change your cursor to a bar instead of a block; bm - visible bookmarks in buffers; boxquote - quote texts in nice boxes; browse-huge-tar - browse tar files without reading them into memory; browse-kill-ring - browse, search, modify the kill ring; clipper - save strings of data for further use; coffee - now Emacs can even brew coffee; color-theme - changes the colors used within Emacs; csv-mode - major mode for comma-separated value files; ctypes - enhanced Font lock support for custom defined types; dedicated - make a window dedicated to a single buffer; df - display in the mode line space left on devices; dict - wrapper around the 'dict' command. (Depends on bash and dict) diminish - shorten or erase modeline presence of minor modes; dir-locals - provides directory-wide local variables; edit-env - display, edit, delete and add environment variables; egocentric - highlight your name inside emacs buffers; eproject - assign files to projects, programatically ff-paths - $PATH-like searching in C-x C-f; filladapt - enhances Emacs's built-in adaptive fill; floatbg - slowly modify background color; framepop - display temporary buffers in a dedicated frame; graphviz-dot-mode.el - mode for the dot-language used by graphviz (att). highlight-beyond-fill-column - highlight lines that are too long; highlight-completion - highlight completions in the minibuffer; highlight-current-line - highlight line where the cursor is; home-end - alternative Home and End commands; htmlize - HTML-ize font-lock buffers; initsplit - split customizations into different files; joc-toggle-buffer - fast switching between two buffers; joc-toggle-case - a set of functions to toggle the case of characters; keydef - a simpler way to define key mappings; keywiz - Emacs key sequence quiz; lcomp - list-completion hacks; maplev - major mode for Maple; map-lines - map a command over lines matching a regexp; markdown-mode - major mode for editing Markdown files; marker-visit - navigate through a buffer's marks in order; matlab - major mode for MatLab dot-m files; minibuf-electric - electric minibuffer behavior from XEmacs; minibuffer-complete-cycle - cycle through the *Completions* buffer; miniedit - enhanced editing for minibuffer fields; mutt-alias - lookup and insert the expansion of mutt mail aliases; muttrc-mode - major mode for editing Mutt config files; obfusurl - obfuscate an URL; pack-windows - resize all windows to display as much info as possible; perldoc - show help for Perl functions and modules. (Depends on perl-doc); pod-mode - major mode for editing POD files; pp-c-l - display Control-l characters in a pretty way; projects - create project-based meaningful buffer names; prot-buf - protect buffers from accidental killing; protocols - perform lookups in /etc/protocols; quack - enhanced support for editing and running Scheme code; rfcview - view IETF RFCs with readability-improved formatting; services - perform lookups in /etc/services; session - saves settings between Emacs invocations and visits to a file; setnu - setnu-mode, a vi-style line number mode; shell-command - enables tab-completion for shell-command; show-wspace - highlight whitespaces of various kinds; silly-mail - generate bozotic mail headers; slang-mode.el - a major-mode for editing S-Lang scripts; sys-apropos - interface for the *nix apropos command; tabbar - Display a tab bar in the header line; tail - "tail -f" a file or a command from within Emacs; tc - cite text with proper filling; thinks - quote texts in cartoon-like think bubbles; tlc - major mode for editing Target Language Compiler scripts; tld - explain top-level domain names; todoo - major mode for editing TODO files; toggle-option - easily toggle frequently toggled options; twiddle - mode line hacks to keep you awake; under - underline a region with ^ characters; upstart-mode - mode for editing upstart files; xrdb-mode - mode for editing X resource database files.

See /usr/share/doc/emacs-goodies-el/README.Debian.gz for a short description of all files, or the Info node `emacs-goodies-el' for details.

Package version:35.2+nmu1


Emacs Goodies for Debian

  The file you're currently reading is mostly meant as an introductory
starter for the various goodies included in emacs-goodies-el.  Consult the
Info node `emacs-goodies-el' for more complete information.

Introduction to files in emacs-goodies-el

,----[ nice title ]
| boxquote.el allows the easy creati


emacs-goodies-el (35.2+nmu1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Non-maintainer upload.
  * No longer create /root/.gnupg during installation of gnus-bonus-el.
    This is achieved by binding epg-gpg-home-directory to a temporary
    directory during bytecode compilation (implementation in
    debian/emacsen-install.template). (Closes: #689807)

 -- S├ębastien Villemot <>  Sun, 21 Oct 2


;; todoo.el -- Major mode for editing TODO files

;; Copyright (C) 1999 Daniel Lundin <>

;; Author: Daniel Lundin <>
;; Maintainer: Daniel Lundin <>
;; Created: 6 Mar 2001
;; Version: 1.2
;; Keywords: TODO, todo, project management

;; This file is NOT (yet) part of GNU Emacs.

;; This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or 


This package was first debianized by Roland Mas <>
It is currently maintained by P

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