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Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tool

OmegaT's main features are - multiple source texts handling, retaining complex folder hierarchies - fuzzy matching with other segments in the source file(s) or TMX files from previous projects - easy glossary terms management - flexible regex-based sentence segmenting (using an SRX-like method) - powerful regex-based searches along with the facility to apply a filter to display search results in the editor - ability to batch process documents from the command line - extended project statistics - easy-to-understand documentation and tutorial - plugin architecture with separate Lucene stemmer (recognition of inflected forms) and LanguageTool (style and grammar checker) plugins - integration with Hunspell for spelling checking - simple API to access source/target/selection textual data

OmegaT supports 24 formats, including documentation formats such as OpenDocument, Open XML (MS Office 2007), DocBook and (x)HTML, and also localization formats such as Java properties and PO files. An Okapi plugin can further extend the supported formats, for example to include TTX (TradosTag).

Package version:


OmegaT for Debian

* The source archive available at sourceforge is not source-only, as
it contains executable files for another platform and the jar files
for several libraries. All binary files are removed from archive.
    ** find . \( -iname '*.jar' -or -iname '*.exe' -or -iname '*.dll' \
         -or -iname '*.dylib' -or -iname '*.so' \) \
         -exec git rm \{\} \;

* So


OmegaT may be extended by plugins. None of them is currently available
as debian packages, and here are some pointers.

* omegat-plugins

This project allows integration with Lucene stemmer, for the
recognition of inflected forms, and LanguageTools, a style and grammar

* okapi-framework

okapi-framework contains a plugin 



  OmegaT 2.0, Read Me file

  1.  Information about OmegaT
  2.  What is OmegaT?
  3.  Installing OmegaT
  4.  Contributions to OmegaT
  5.  Is OmegaT bugging you? Do you need help?
  6.  Release details



This translation is the work of [Faycal Alami], copyright© [2008].



Aquesta traducció és obra de Jordi Serratosa Quintana, copyright © 2010.
Han participat en la lo


Tento překlad vypracoval [Josef Molnár], copyright© [2011].



Cyfieithiad gan Rhoslyn Prys, hawlfraint© 2008

Cyfieithiad Rhoslyn Prys, hawlfraint 2009 


Oversat af Tine Haurum, copyright© 2010


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