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various tools for generating, analysing and manipulating font files

This package contains a collection of tools used by the Google Font Directory to work with fonts.

The package includes scripts to: * Generate ttf and otf fonts from sfd source files * Generate sfd source files from ttf and otf fonts * Generate font files with a subset of characters * Generate namelist files * Convert otf elements to ttf equivalents * Merge two font files into one * Auto-set and analyse PREP hinting and hinting tables * Setting GASP tables in font files * Analyse bounding boxes * Compare Unicode points and glyph names

Package version:20120309.1-1


README for gasp tools

This directory contains some useful tools for refining the GASP table
settings in fonts.


The GASP (Grid-fitting And Scan-conversion Procedure) table contains
data about which hinting and antialiasing method will produce the best
results. It exists in two versions. Version 0 selects between b/w
hinted, grayscale hinted, and grayscale unhinted renderings. However,

/usr/share/googlefontdirectory-tools/tools/subset/README - A script for subsetting a font, using FontForge

This directory contains a simple tool for subsetting fonts. It
currently supports creating subsets of Latin, Extended Latin,
Vietnamese, Greek, Extended Greek, Cyrillic and Extended Cyrillic
and can be extended to other scripts.

To use it, FontForge must be installed from CVS w


googlefontdirectory-tools (20120309.1-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release
    - New otf2sfd script
    - New merge script
  * Source taken from mercurial revision 2275:af364e7c88e3
  * Set all python scripts as executable
  * Standards-Version 3.9.3
    - Set final DEP-5 Format: link
  * Add 'fonttools' dependency for script
  * Use xz compression for sour


Upstream-Name: Google Font

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