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Isabella free TrueType font

This font is called Isabella because it is based on the calligraphic hand used in the Isabella Breviary, made around 1497, in Holland, for Isabella of Castille, the first queen of united Spain.

It covers all European languages written in the Latin script (with the exception of Sami) and covers all ISO-8859 with the exception of the non-Latin character sets.

Package version:1.2-2


The Isabella font for Debian

The Isabella TrueType font has been designed by John Stracke and released
under the LGPL license. Please see the copyright file for licensing details.

The font is automatically available through fontconfig (if it is installed)
to all fontconfig aware applications (e.g. GNOME 2.2, KDE 3.1, Mozilla when
using the mozilla-xft package). If yo


ttf-isabella (1.2-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Bumped Standards-Version(3.9.2), dh(8), compat(8)
  * Removed defoma from debian/control and added a 
    postinst,preinst,postrm scripts. Closes: #635074
  * Switch to dh(8) scripts and DEP5 copyright format.
  * Removed the first word "The" from description and Recommends field.
  * Added a upstream changelog

 -- Edgar Antonio Palma de la Cruz <xb


(Update, 5 Mar 2010: released version 1.200, which adds some characters to round out a bunch of scripts. 
                     Isabella now has 863 characters; according to fc-query, it supports 140 different scripts.)
(Update, 4 Mar 2010: released version 1.100, which fixes some technical problems detected by fontforge.)
(Update, 9 October 2004: released version 1.002, with a few more characters.


Upstream-Name: Isabella-ttf
Upstream-Contact: John Stracke 

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