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James M. Knoble's character-cell fonts for X

These are character-cell fonts for use with the X Window System, created by Jim Knoble. The fonts currently included in this package are:

Neep (formerly known as NouveauGothic): A pleasantly legible variation on the standard fixed fonts that accompany most distributions of the X Window System. Comes in both normal and bold weights in small, medium, large, extra-large, and huge sizes, as well as an extra-small size that only comes in normal weight. ISO-8859-1, ISO-8859-2, ISO-8859-9, and ISO-8859-15 encodings are available. The 6x13, 8x15, and 10x20 sizes have an ISO-10646-1 (Unicode) variant, drawing glyphs missing in Neep from misc-fixed.

Modd: A fixed-width font with sleek, contemporary styling. Normal and bold weights in a 12-point (6x13) size. ISO-8859-1 encoding only.

Package version:3.0-19


xfonts-jmk for Debian

The most-used font in this package is Neep, which is an extremely legible
character cell font that's particularly useful for xterms, Emacs, and
similar programs.  It's the most readable character cell font that I've
found and is much clearer at many resolutions, at least in my opinion,
than the default misc-fixed fonts.

Thanks to the work of Derek Upha


# README: information about jmk-x11-fonts
# created 1998-08-31 jmk
# autodate: 1999-Aug-17 03:26

| Contents |

This file contains:

    - Description
    - Installing
    - Notes
    - History
    - Acknowledgements
    - Copying, Copyright, and Open Source
    - Disclaimer

| Description |

These are character-cell fonts for use with the 


# NEWS:  Important information for experienced users of jmk-x11-fonts.
# created 1999-Aug-17 02:43 jmk -*- text -*-
# autodate: 1999-Aug-20 03:58

| Version 3.0 (1999-Aug-20) |

  1. `AltGlyph' ADD_STYLE changes to +` Alt' in FAMILY_NAME.

  Quite a few X applications (notably Gimp and Netscape) pay no
  attention whatsoever to the ADD_ST


xfonts-jmk (3.0-19) unstable; urgency=low

  * Update debhelper compatibility level to V7.
    - Use


# ChangeLog for jmk-x11-fonts -*- text -*-
# autodate: 1999-Aug-24 00:09

v3.0: 1999-08-20

  - Adde


Packaged for Debian by Joseph Carter <>      1999-05-20
Adopted by Russ Allbery <

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