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Data files for Do'SSi Zo'la game

Do'SSi Zo'la is an SDL implementation of the Isola board game, featuring nice animations, which makes it appealing to children.

The goal of the basic Isola game is to block the opponent by destroying the squares which surround him. In each turn, each player must first move to one of the squares adjacent to his current position, and then destroy a square of his choice. The first player who is unable to move loses.

This package holds the images used by the Do'SSi Zo'la board game.

Package version:1.0-8.3


You need SDL and SDL_image to play.
You need SDL-devel and SDL_image-devel to compile.

Simply type for compile and install in /usr/local/games/dossizola:
	make install


dossizola (1.0-8.3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Non-maintainer upload.
    - Move to packaging format "3.0 (quilt)" due to desktop image files.
    - NMU approved by maintainer, see #549545.
  * debian/compat
    - Update obsolete 5 to 8.
  * debian/control
    - (Build-Depends): Add autotools-dev due to config.{sub,guess}.
      Update to debhelper 8.
    - (Depends) update tag "Source-Version" to


sound effects & music


Cyril CLEMENT  <>
Ga´┐Żlle DAIREAUX <>


This package was debianized by:

    Yann Dirson <>
    on 2000-08-15 20:18:58 +020

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