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graphics and audio data for ketm

Ketm is a hicolor/hiresolution classical game that has similarities with Raptor, Tyrian and Galaga. You are a spacepilot controlling your secret prototype ship. At regular interval's you get attacked by the bad guys. You have a mission to clean this sector from them (i.e. Kill Everything That Moves). Be sure to pick up some weapon and ship upgrades on the way.

This package contains the architecture-independent data for ketm. For more information, see the ketm package.

Package version:0.0.6-22


ketm (0.0.6-22) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Shams Fantar ]
  * Fixing homepage address and download address. (Closes: #486486)

  [ Barry deFreese ]
  * Update my e-mail address in uploaders.
  * Update 000_build_system.diff to include MATHLIB. (Closes: #554983).
    + Refresh 010_rebootstrap.diff.
  * Update watch file to use sf redirector.
  * Add README.source for quilt.
  * Bump Standards Versi


This package was debianized by Magnus Ekdahl <> on
Tue, 18 Dec 2001 17:16:06 +0100.

It was downloaded from
Today his homesite (that was doesn't exist anymore but source is still avalaible here:

Upstream Author: Walte

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