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OpenArena game data - miscellaneous files from 0.8.1

OpenArena is an open-source content package for the Quake III engine, effectively creating a free stand-alone game similar to Quake III Arena.

In Debian, OpenArena game data are divided into several packages. This package contains sounds, bot data, demos, and team-game powerups from OpenArena 0.8.1.

Package version:0.8.5split-2


==OPENARENA Readme -	 10/31/2008==

Thank you for downloading OpenArena!


* Pentium II 233MHz / AMD K6-2 300MHz or equally powerful processor
* 64MB of system memory
* OpenGL supported video card with 16MB of video memory. (Voodoo Banshee, TNT and up)
* 300MB of hard drive space

We recommend a 700MHz Pentium III / Athlon with a Geforce2


openarena-misc (0.8.5split-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Merge from openarena-data 0.8.5split-2:
    * Apply patch from Ubuntu to fix linking with more recent ld
      (Closes: #629893, LP: #794941)
    * Don't build qvmbrute unless we actually need to replace QVM files in
      this particular package (only -data, -misc and -085-data actually need it)

 -- Simon McVittie <>  Sat, 1


0.8.1 (10/31/2008)
- Uses protocol 71
- Single player campaign re-organized (Thanks cosmo)
- 'Depreciated' client for Windows 9X in addition (lacks ipv6 support)
- New hitsound
- New map: ps37ctf
- New map: ctf_gate1
- New map: am_galevish
- Space Marine should no longer crash on old client
- Chaingun works in unlagged now
- non-Free texture folders from previous release removed (this al


Upstream-Name: OpenArena
Upstream-Contact: http://openarena

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