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OpenArena game data

OpenArena is an open-source content package for the Quake III engine, effectively creating a free stand-alone game similar to Quake III Arena.

In Debian, OpenArena game data are divided into several packages. This package contains the basic game content from OpenArena 0.8.1, and depends on the rest of the game data from OpenArena 0.8.1 and 0.8.5.

Package version:0.8.5split-2


==OPENARENA Readme -	 10/31/2008==

Thank you for downloading OpenArena!


* Pentium II 233MHz / AMD K6-2 300MHz or equally powerful processor
* 64MB of system memory
* OpenGL supported video card with 16MB of video memory. (Voodoo Banshee, TNT and up)
* 300MB of hard drive space

We recommend a 700MHz Pentium III / Athlon with a Geforce2


OpenArena for Debian

The upstream-distributed PK3 files for OpenArena contain QVM files that can't
be compiled with a Free compiler.

In this version, they have been replaced by a dummy file that causes Debian's
modified openarena engine to load equivalent native code. (See README.source
in the source package for more details of the process.)

As a result, the PK3 files in th


openarena-data (0.8.5split-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Apply patch from Ubuntu to fix linking with more recent ld
    (Closes: #629893, LP: #794941)
  * Don't build qvmbrute unless we actually need to replace QVM files in
    this particular package (only -data, -misc and -085-data actually need it)
  * Move the split version of openarena-data to unstable

 -- Simon McVittie <>  T


0.8.1 (10/31/2008)
- Uses protocol 71
- Single player campaign re-organized (Thanks cosmo)
- 'Dep


Upstream-Name: OpenArena
Upstream-Contact: http://openarena

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Download openarena-data_0.8.5split-2_all.deb

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