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A blue vector theme for GTK+ 2.x

This is the Spheres and Crystals theme for GTK+, Nautilus and Metacity, which aims at providing a unified, blue Gnome desktop with an aquatic design, using icons from the BlueSphere, Connectiva Crystal and Gorilla metathemes. Its look also integrates with the KDE Liquid theme.

Most of the icons are in the scalable SVG format, providing a fast, high quality rendering, especially on large displays.


Package version:0.7-14


Spheres and Crystals is a theme meant to only use SVG images. 
It is meant to fullfill a lot of roles like demonstrating the power of
librsvg, be an example for other people wanting to make GNOME 2.2 metathemes,
look good and to help me learn about the GNOME theme system and vector graphics

If anyone wants to help or send in icons to be added to the theme, plese do so.
This file also contains a T


spheres-and-crystals for Debian

A scalable background is provided in /usr/share/backgrounds/scalable/tiger.svg

 -- Josselin Mouette <>, Tue, 12 Feb 2003 18:10:12 +0100


spheres-and-crystals (0.7-14) unstable; urgency=medium

  * pt.po: Portuguese template translation from Carlos Lisboa (closes: 

 -- Josselin Mouette <>  Tue, 30 Jan 2007 22:34:10 +0100

spheres-and-crystals (0.7-13) unstable; urgency=low

  * gl.po: Galician template translation from Jacobo Tarrio
    (closes: #407942).

 -- Josselin Mouette <>  Mon, 22


28-02-2003 Christian Schaller
- Add thumbnailing of textfiles (doesn't work yet, see KNOWNISSUES)


Convert GTK theme to SVG files (probably switch to gtk-theme-engine)
Add mimetypes icons
Fix warning


This package was debianized by Josselin Mouette <> on
Wed, 12 Feb 2003 16:54:06 +0100

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