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GNU R Demonstrations for teaching and learning

This package is a set of demonstration functions that can be used in a classroom to demonstrate statistical concepts, or on your own to better understand the concepts or the programming.
Package version:2.7-1


Notes on how this package can be tested.

This package can be tested by loading it into R with the command
‘library(TeachingDemos)’ in order to confirm its integrity.

 -- Andreas Tille <>  Thu, 05 Aug 2010 14:03:43 +0200


New in TeachingDemos version 2.7

* new function ms.image for plotting images using my.symbols.

* new functions wdtxtStart and friends to insert transcript into MS Word.

* function vt.residsim to work with vis.test.

* fixed several functions that depend on tcltk but did not load it.

* Updated HWidentify and HTKidentify to give more control and clean up after.

* Removed exaple in s


r-cran-teachingdemos (2.7-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version

 -- Andreas Tille <>  Wed, 24 Nov 2010 11:31:52 +0100

r-cran-teachingdemos (2.6-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version
  * Standards-Version: 3.9.1 (no changes needed)
  * debian/source/format: 3.0 (quilt)
  * Depend on a version equal or superior than the R upstream release that
    was used


Format: Machine-readable license summary, see

Name: TeachingDemos


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