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GNU R coerce data to LaTeX and HTML tables

This R package provides functions returning, displaying or writing to disk the LaTeX or HTML code associated with the supplied object of class xtable. The package also provides functions converting an R object to an xtable object, which can then be printed as a LaTeX or HTML table.
Package version:1:1.5-6-1


Notes on how this package is tested.

After building on the maintainer's computer, this package was locally installed
and the library loaded into R in order to confirm its integrity.


1.5-6 (2009-10-30)
  * Support caption at the top in the LaTeX longtable.
  * Use options()$OutDec for decimal mark.

1.5-5 (2009-03-24)
  * Added html.table.attributes to set the attributed of the <TABLE> tag for HTML tables.
  * Accommodated logicals by converting to characters.
  * Add an extra space at end of each line for LaTeX tables.
  * Fixed typographical error in documentation.


r-cran-xtable (1:1.5-6-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Team upload.

  [ Andreas Tille ]
  * New upstream version.
  * Built against R 2.11 (Closes: #581829).
  * Use upstream version scheme with dash '-' which requires epoch
    in changelog (Closes: #556295)
  * debian/watch: Removed unneeded version mangling
  * debian/get-orig-source: removed because unneeded (uscan is
    perfectly sufficient)



Upstream-Name: xtable

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