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command-line plotting utility

ctioga is a command-line utility to plot scientific data. It produces high quality PDF files with text processed with pdflatex. It is based on the Tioga library, written by one of the creators of the postscript language.

Among other advantages, lets name a few: - it is very easy to do simple things (plotting a simple text file doesn't take more than a second or two) - output can be configured to a very deep level - it features a plugin backend system that takes care of reading data files, it is very easy to enhance existing backends or add new file formats (such as binary ones). - the text on the graph is much better than in most other plotting programs as it is handled by LaTeX - it features many fancy effects, such as filled curves, transparency, the ability to make insets (zooms, for instance), nice histograms, and many other interesting things !

mdbtools is required for the MDB backend, but most of the users probably won't need this particular backend, so you can ignore it.

imagemagick is necessary for PNG output

Package version:1.10-1


This is ctioga, a command-line front-end to the Tioga plotting 
system. ctioga is copyright by Vincent Fourmond 2006; you can use it 
and redistribute it according to the GNU General Public License 
version 2.0, which can be found in the file COPYING.

Please note that *all* the files present in this archive are 
copyrighted and licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public 
License version 2


This file is intended to keep some few informations about the
structure of the repository and the design. For now, information
about the directory structure:

bin/ : the executable ruby program. The only place where something should
have a +x flag

lib/ : where to put all the objects which are better left alone in their own

rdoc/ : the output from rdoc. Not in the repository.


In this directory, you will find few data files you can play with, 
along with the ruby scripts that did generate them. You will also find some
examples of files that can be used with --include (or configuration files).

trig.rb: basic sine and cosine, try

ctioga trig.dat
ctioga trig.dat @1:3
ctioga trig.dat @1:3 -l sum '@$1:$2 + $3'
ctioga trig.dat @1:3 -l 'sum squared' '@$1:$2**2 + $3**2'


CTABLE(1)             SciYAG backends front-end            CTABLE(1)

       ctable - a small


CTIOGA(1)           Tioga command-line interface           CTIOGA(1)

       ctioga  -  a  co


ctioga (1.10-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release
  * Remove debian/patches/11-manpage


ctioga (1.10)

  * Now, --no-line-style can be used to disable altogether the drawing 
    of the li



- Priority: High	Status: Done	Created: 2008\03\01 17-15-06	Done: 2008\03\0

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