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Bootsplash enables a graphical boot screen (kernel-patch)

The bootsplash patch enables a graphical boot screen similar to that of Windows. Features include:

- Nice graphics (JPEG) - Antialiased text rendering (TrueType) - Animations (MNG) - Progress Bar - Display of boot messages above or below a graphic. - Fully themeable

This package contains only the bootsplash kernel patch, you may need the userland tools in the bootsplash package to enable all features (such as a progress bar).

The patch should work for kernels 2.4.18, 2.4.20 - 2.4.25, 2.6.0-test9 - 2.6.0-test11, and 2.6.0 - 2.6.17

Package version:2.6.18-1


This package contains a kernel patch, which was packaged using
dh-kpatches 0.99.36.  Here is a generic description the behaviour of
such patches.  For generic instructions on using those patches, see
make-kpkg(8), its --added-patches option, and its PATCH_THE_KERNEL
environment variable.

- its application will by default only be attempted if the declared
kernel version for the patch matches the c


kernel-patch-bootsplash for Debian

In order for bootsplash to update the progress bar you will need to 
install the bootsplash package with includes /etc/init.d/rc and 
/etc/init.d/rcS files modified to interact with bootsplash, as well as 
the userspace programs needed.

For 2.6 kernels enable CONFIG_BOOTSPLASH
For 2.4 kernels enable CONFIG_FBCON_SPLASHSCREEN



linux-patch-bootsplash (2.6.18-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Added provisions for 2.6.18 (closes: #390117)
  * Updated standards version

 -- Free Ekanayaka <>  Fri, 29 Sep 2006 11:06:08 +0200

linux-patch-bootsplash (2.6.17-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Bug fix: "Spelling mistake in package description", thanks to Simon
    Waters (Closes: #364144).
  * Added provisions for 2.6.17


This package was debianized by Matthew A. Nicholson <> on
Tue,  9 Dec 2003 11:20

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