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a static HTML gallery generator

A Python based photo album generator with a clean design that is run from the command line. HTML output can be configured via templates.

Features: * generates static HTML pages * slideshow (use of javascript is optional) * can use gimp to resize picture * keyboard navigation between images * works in any browser (Mozilla, Netscape Navigator 4.x, Konqueror, Opera) * each image can have a comment (with HTML tags) * image information (if taken from a digital picture) can be displayed * thumbnail image size can be selected by the user * output images can be scaled down * control over the number of thumbnails in a page

Package version:0.4.6-3


Engine: airspeed

Create a new template for photon

 o create a new folder in the template directory (~/.photon/templates or
/usr/share/photon/templates). The folder need to have an unique name, else
photon will use the version in your own HOME directory.
   EX: mkdir -p ${HOME}/.photon/templates/my_sexy_theme/

 o Photon needs only three files to build pages.



PHOTON(1)                                                  PHOTON(1)

       photon - generates photo albums

       photon [OPTIONS] [PATH]

       Photon generates clean, yet configurable, static HTML photo
       galleries. All of the work is done from the command line, and
       the resulting output can easily be configured by changing the
       template files fou


photon (0.4.6-3) unstable; urgency=low

  *  Patch that enables use of fully capitalized filenames. Thanks to Markku
     Majaniemi. Closes: #604254.
  *  Patch Photon/ to remove unneeded python shebang.

 -- Kevin Coyner <>  Sat, 04 Dec 2010 12:56:21 +0000

photon (0.4.6-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Acknowledge NMU.
  * debian/control:
    - Changed Build-Depends fro


2007-11-05  Luc Saillard <>

	* Fix bugs
	* Add compat for gimp-2.4
	* Release 0.4.5


This package was debianized by Kevin Coyner <> on
Sat,  9 Dec 2006 15:02:23 -0500.


Need python-dev to import distutils.sysconfig
  ==> need to fix them

> Processing image /cdrom/04F

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