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extra libraries for needle

Needle-Extras is an add-on library to Needle, providing additional services and functionality beyond what the core Needle system provides.

This is a kind of testbed of new services and techniques. If a service in Needle-Extras is found to be particularly valuable, it may be promoted into the core Needle framework.

Currently this includes a form of interface injection (thanks to Christian Neukirchen), a simplified means of depending on third-party services, and a general multicasting service.

Package version:1.0.0-2


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= Needle-Extras: Services for Needle

Needle-Extras is a collection of additional services that may be used with the Needle dependency injection container for Ruby (

== Downloading

You may download Needle-Extras from Needle's RubyForge project, at Needle-Extras is distributed both as a RubyGem[], and 


Needle-Extras: Services for Needle

[1.0] 18 Nov 2004:
  * First public release.


libneedle-extras-ruby (1.0.0-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * add ruby1.8 in Build-Depends. (Closes: #3


2004-11-18 12:20  minam

	* TODO: Added empty TODO file for future use.

2004-11-18 12:10  minam



This package was debianized by Tatsuki Sugiura <> on
Fri, 10 Dec 2004 07:23:47 +0900.


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