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Examples for applications of SWIG

Contains examples for applications of SWIG, a wrapper interface generator to integrate C code into scripting languages.
Package version:2.0.7-3


SWIG Examples

The "perl5", "python", "tcl", "guile", "java", "mzscheme", "ruby", and
"chicken" directories contain a number of simple examples that are
primarily used for testing. 

The file 'index.html' is the top of a hyperlinked document that
contains information about all of the examples along with various
notes related to each example.

The Examples directory is currently quite incomplete be


This directory contains examples for CHICKEN.

class       -- illustrates the proxy class C++ interface
constants   -- handling #define and %constant literals
egg         -- examples of building chicken extension libraries
multimap    -- typemaps with multiple sub-types
overload    -- C++ function overloading
simple      -- the simple example from the user manual
zlib        -- a wrapping of the z


These examples show how to build a chicken extension module in the form of an
egg.  There are two eggs that get built, single.egg which contains a single
module which is built with -nounit and multi.egg, which contains two modules
mod1 and mod2.  These are built normally, and multi_init.scm loads them both.
Read section "17.4.2 Building chicken extension libraries" in the manual
for a description 


Overloading example from Chapter 5.14 of SWIG Core Documentation for
version 1.3.


Simple example from users manual.


This directory contains examples for Guile.

constants   -- handling #define and %constant literals



Matrix example.  To run the example, execute the program 'matrix' and
type the following :

	(load "


This example illustrates the translation from Scheme file ports to
temporary FILE streams. Read the 

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