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Java based library supporting AJAX in Java Server Pages

The AJAX Tag Library is a set of JSP tags that simplify the use of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) technology in JavaServer Pages.

This tag library does not force J2EE developers to write the necessary JavaScript to implement an AJAX-capable web form. The tag library provides support for live form updates for the following use cases: - autocomplete based on character input to an input field - select box population based on selections made from another field - callout or balloon popups for highlighting content - refreshing form fields - toggling images and form field states on/off.

Package version:1.5.1-1


libajaxtags-java (1.5.1-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version.
  * Package does no longer Build-Depends: libjericho-html-java.
    (Closes: 581331)
  * Switch to Maven for building the package.
  * Do not build the ajaxtags-demo module.
  * Ignore test failures.
  * Remove some obsolete dependencies.
  * Clean up Vcs-Svn header.
  * Update Standards-Version: 3.8.4.

 -- Torsten Werner


This package was debianized by Torsten Werner <> on
Wed Apr 18 12:21:43 CEST 2007.

It was downloaded from

Upstream Author: Darren L. Spurgeon <>

Copyright: (C) 2006
Darren L. Spurgeon <>
Musachy Barroso <>
Ernesto Gonzalez <>
Charles Hudson <>


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