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Java components for building applications with Docking capabilities

An application can be divided into sub-sets: the "dockables". - Each Dockable can be precisely positionned by the user, by a drag and drop gesture issued from its title bar. - Dockables can be grouped into tabbed panes.

Every Dockable is given a title bar with a set of common functions (and keyboard shortcuts): - Maximize / Restore : the Dockable takes all the available space on the desktop - Detach/Attach : the Dockable is extracted from its parent window - Iconify / Restore : the Dockable is changed into a side button : it appears only when the mouse is moved over it - Contextual pop-up menus : customizable title bars and tabs - Close / Closable tab

Package version:2.1.4-4


libvldocking-java (2.1.4-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * Remove debian/watch because the original download location does no longer
  * Update Homepage in debian/control to point to version 3 branch.
  * Switch to default-jdk.
  * Switch to source format 3.0.
  * Change Section: java.
  * Update Standards-Version: 3.9.1.

 -- Torsten Werner <>  Wed, 17 Aug 2011 17:35:54 +


This package was debianized by Torsten Werner <> on
Sun May 13 18:16:26 CEST 2007.

It was downloaded from

Upstream Author: VLSolutions <>

(c) 2004-2007 VLSolutions


    This software is distributed under the CeCILL license, a GNU GPL-compatible
    license adapted to French law.


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