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a Tk OpenGL widget - development files

Togl is a Tk widget for OpenGL rendering. Togl was originally based on OGLTK, written by Benjamin Bederson at the University of New Mexico. Togl's main features are:

* unifies Microsoft Windows, X11 (Linux/IRIX/...), and Mac OS X Aqua support * support for requesting stencil, accumulation, alpha buffers, etc. * multiple OpenGL drawing windows * simple stereo rendering support * simple, portable font support * color-index mode support including color allocation functions * overlay plane support * OpenGL extension testing from Tcl * Tcl Extension Architecture (TEA) 3 compliant

This package contains development files for using optimized shared libraries.

Package version:1.7-12


This version of Togl is entirely free from
dependencies on Tcl/Tk's internal functions. It uses the public stubs
interface, witch means that the same binary works with any stubs-aware
wish (i.e. version >= 8.1)

It has been tested on Windows NT/2000 and Linux for several Tcl/Tk versions up
to 8.4a3. I haven't been able to test the Mac port, it propably needs mending 
but I can't see why it shouldn


togl (1.7-12) unstable; urgency=low

  * Add note on image.c in copyright
  * Add automake and autoconf to debian/control
  [Petr Salinger]
  * Add tclconfig.patch (Closes: #575305) 

  [Adam C. Powell, IV]
  * Removed debian-changes-1.7-12 patch from the version posted to, as it seemed to be just an autoconf update.

 -- Christophe Trophime <christophe.trophime@grenoble.


In no particular order:

stubify C API.

replace EPS support with TK photo image support

Add command arguments for create, destroy, etc. so there would be a
-createcommand option to the togl command (etc.) (and phase out
Togl_*Func from the C API)

multisampling support (can be worked-around by passing in a pixelformat)

add vertical sync control

update documention
	- upd


This work was packaged for Debian by:

    Christophe Trophime <

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