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A C++ Application Framework (common files)

Bakery is a C++ Framework for creating GTK+ or GNOME applications using gtkmm and gnomemm. * Bakery provides a Document/View architecture, but it doesn't force you to use the whole architecture. * Bakery can use XML as a Document storage format, if you like. But it doesn't force you to use the whole architecture. * Bakery provides default functionality, which can be easily customized. * Bakery makes it easy to start developing GNOME applications. * Bakery gives your application structure. * Bakery contains a few utility classes.

The main bakery library provides gtkmm-based App classes for the GUI-independent App, Document and View classes. The bakery_gnomeui extension library provides libgnomeuimm-based App classes instead, for creating full GNOME applications.

This package contains all architechure independent files.

Package version:2.4.4-1



This is a C++ Application Framework for use with gtkmm.
It provides a Document-View architecture, but does not force you to use all of that functionality.

It also contains the following useful classses:
- BusyCursor: displays a busy cursor until the instance is destroyed, for instance, by going out of scope.

See the documentation in the docs folder, and look at the examples, s



* Document: Added load_from_data().
* App_WithDoc: Added open_document_from_data().
  These can be used when the document's data is not received via 
  a URI. For instance, over the network via a special protocol.
  (Murray Cumming)
* Build: Don't require gnome-vfs on Windows (for the MIME type), 
  to simplify the build, and make some other fixes for the Windows 
  (Armin Burgmei


bakery2.4 (2.4.4-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release.  (Closes: #451591)
  * Refine watch file syntax to check for all stable version.
  * Migrate maintainer ship to GNOME Team, added as Uploaders.
  * Add Vcs-Svn and Vcs-Browser fields to debian/control*.
  * Add gnome-pkg-tools (>= 0.11) to build-depends.
  * Wrap fields in debian/control* files for easier patching.
  * User ${bin



2007-12-31  Armin Burgmeier  <>

	* Added AC_LIBTOOL_WIN32_


Murray Cumming <>
(Please use the mailing list instead of contacting authors directly


This package was debianized by Bradley Bell <> on
Tue, 28 Jan 2003 17:12:18 -0800.


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