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Graph Editing Framework written entirely in Java

This lib is needed by ArgoUML but can be used within different applications.

The goal of the GEF project is to build a graph editing library that can be used to construct many, high-quality graph editing appications. Some of GEF's features are: * A simple, concrete design that makes the framework easy to understand and extend. * Node-Port-Edge graph model that is powerful enough for the vast majority of connected graph applications. * Model-View-Controller design based on the Swing Java UI library makes GEF able to act as a UI to existing data structures, and also minimizing learning time for developers familiar with Swing. * High-quality user interactions for moving, resizeing, reshaping, etc. GEF also supports several novel interactions such as the broom alignment tool and secltion-action-buttons. * Generic properties sheet based on JavaBeans introspection. * XML-based file formats based on the PGML standard (soon to support SVG).

Package version:0.11.999.0.11.3M10-1


The source of this pseudo-0.9.5 version was obtained by
cvs checkout -D 2/26/2002 gef/src
on GEF's CVS

That version REALLY MUCH DIFFERS from 0.9.5 you could find on GEF site.

It's *SICK* that
a) developers of ArgoUML use 0.9.5-non-0.9.5 version and apparently they don't
  even know about it (at least they coudn't tell me where did they got the
  gef.jar they're using from)
b) developers of GEF a


GEF vers 0.10.14 - 12 April 2005

Resolved Issues

207  Fig.removeFromDiagram() should remove from any diagram
208  Postscript eps doesn't draw dashed lines
209  First character of text edit is lost on JRE1.5
210  Deprecate Enum



libgef-java (0.11.999.0.11.3M10-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Back to an old release to be compatible with argouml
  * Standards-Version: updated; put debhelper and cdbs in Build-Depends
  * Build with java-gcj-compat-dev
  * debian/rules: removed ant-launcher from the classpath

 -- Arnaud Vandyck <>  Thu,  3 Aug 2006 15:23:18 +0200

libgef-java ( unstable; ur


This package was debianized by Grzegorz Prokopski <> on
Sat, 29 Jun 2002 23:11:23 +0

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