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JPEG metadata extraction framework

Java based metadata extraction library for JPEG images with support for Exif and Iptc metadata segments, including manufacturer specific metadata of several digital camera models.
Package version:2.3.1+dfsg-1


libmetadata-extractor-java for Debian

The method public static Metadata readMetadata(JPEGDecodeParam decodeParam)
in class com.drew.imaging.jpeg.JpegMetadataReader has been removed from the
library to not depend on proprietary class libraries.

 -- Andreas Putzo <>  Sun, 09 Dec 2007 14:08:58 +0000


libmetadata-extractor-java (2.3.1+dfsg-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Add 20nosun.dpatch provided by Gabriel Ebner to remove
    all references to the com.sun classes.
    Package builds with a free java implementation now and thus
    can be uploaded to main.
    Changed upstream_version to re-upload orig.tar.gz.
  * Add Debian readme file to explain differences to the upstream version.
  * debian


v2.3.1 - 25 Feb 2006
  - Fixed copy-and-paste errors in  Thanks to Ferret Renaud.

v2.3.0 - 12 Jan 2006
  - New tags from Exif 2.2 specification (A401-A420).
  - Fixed stack overflow exception in ExifReader for cyclic directory references.
    Thanks to John Sidney-Woollett for reporting this bug (reported


This package was debianized by Andreas Putzo <> on
Fri, 20 Jul 2007 19:15:37 +0000.

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