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CMUCL lisp sources

These are the CMUCL sources, provided so that the debugger can show useful source information at appropriate times.

This version includes common-lisp-controller compatible replacements for defsystem, graystream, clx and hemlock.

defsystem provides a "make" type system for Lisp. This is a patched version from clocc.

Gray streams are the usual Lisp streams, but re-implemented as a Object hierarchy. Users can subclass existing classes and adapt them for their own needs.

cmucl-clx is the clx library adapted for CMUCL. clx is an interface to X11, just like xlib.

Hemlock is an emacs clone for CMUCL.

Note that this version only works in X, the tty interface is broken: the system can't parse /etc/termcap.

To open the editor, type "(ed)".

Note that to recompile CMUCL you need a working CMUCL system :-(

Package version:20c-2


This directory contains the CLX Programmer's Reference Manual, in
Postscript format (roughly 230 pages).

For convenience, the sections can be printed separately as follows:       ; Cover, table of contents            ; Introduction to CLX            ; Displays            ; Screens            ; Windows and pixmaps            ; Graphics contex


The clx library is installed in /usr/lib/cmucl/subsystems/.
You should configure it in with /usr/lib/cmucl/config.

NOTICE: you can't get clx OUT of an image again (easy I mean). 
So keep a backup of the original lisp image.



$Id: README,v 1.1 2007/08/21 15:49:29 fgilham Rel $

A brief description of the files in this directory, as best I (FMG) can figure.

bezier.lisp: An example of how to define an extension.  As far as I know, there's no bezier
extension in most X servers, so this won't do much.

beziertest.lisp: An example of how to invoke the bezier extension.

Both the above files are obsolete.

clclock.lisp: Dis


cmucl (19e-20080501-1) unstable; urgency=low

  + as promised we no longer provide the lisp symlink,


cmucl (20c-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Actually reference the changelog for 20c, not 19d!
  * Remo


This package was debianized by Peter Van Eynde on Mon Dec 21 08:59:39 CET 1998


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