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mail reader supporting PGP/MIME for Emacs (development version)

Mew (Messaging in the Emacs World) is a user interface for text messages, multimedia messages (MIME), news articles and security functionality including PGP, S/MIME, SSH and SSL.

The features of Mew are as follows:

- POP, SMTP, NNTP and IMAP are supported. - You can easily display a very complicated structured message. - You can start to read messages before they are all fully listed. - For refiling, default folders are neatly suggested. - You can complete field names, e-mail addresses, receiver's names, domain names and folder names. - You can easily search messages with keywords etc. - Thread, a mechanism to display the flow of messages, is supported.

This package provides a development snapshot version of Mew. To use a stable version of Mew, install the mew package instead of this package.

Package version:7.0.50~0.20100430-1


mew-beta for Debian


The following configuration enables you to run Mew as a default mail
user agent of emacsen.

	(if (boundp 'mail-user-agent)
	    (setq mail-user-agent 'mew-user-agent))
	(if (boundp 'read-mail-command)
	    (setq read-mail-command 'mew))

Local mailbox

If you want to use a local mailbox instead of POP, you ne


			     <Change Log>

0.99 (10/08/95) mew-release release

* Typo of mew-draft-multipart-end.
* Never display MIME syntax when mew-summary-toggle-disp-msg is on.
* I have misunderstand RFC1522 for a long time that its heder encoding
requires MIME-Version: field. But Keith kindly told me that it's not
the case. Thanks to this flexibility of RFC1522, we can safely exchange 
non-ascii header fields w


			     <Change Log>

1.94 (99/09/05) mew-release release

1.94pre4 (99/09/03) mew-dist release

* To: and Cc: are preserved if fromme.
* A patch for contrib/mew-virtual-thread.el.
	Hideyuki SHIRAI <shirai>
* mew-cache-prefetch-remote.
	Hideyuki SHIRAI <shirai>

1.94pre3 (99/09/01) mew-dist release

* A patch for xcite.el.
	Hideyuki SHIRAI <shirai>
* A patch to contrib/mew-gnus.el.
	Makoto Fujiwar


			     <Change Log>

Mew 2.1 (2001/11/01)

Mew 2.1 release candidate 3 (2001/10/30)

* Setting 0.05


			     <Change Log>

Mew 3.2 release (2003/02/25)

Mew 3.2 release candidate 1 (2003/02/18)

* Net 


			     <Change Log>

Mew 4.1 release (2004/10/18)

Mew 4.1 release candidate 3 (2004/10/12)

* A bu


			     <Change Log>

Mew 4.2 release (2005/02/11)

Mew 4.2 release candidate 3 (2005/02/03)

* A bu


Mew 5.1 (2006/07/14)

Mew 5.1 release candidate 3 (2006/07/12)

* Fixing "Virtual mode vs 'i'" probl

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