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A junk-email filtering program for procmail

This package uses procmail filtering algorithms to detect junk email. This results in internal procmail variables being assigned to indicate the reason why the email has been classified as junk. The user can then use those variables within their .procmailrc file to deal with the junk in any way they see fit. There are a number of filters available in the package, and can be selected from a simple config file on a per-user basis.
Package version:20030115-4


- junkfilter.lists is a general-purpose abstraction for processing
  lists of suspect patterns in message headers.  Its intended
  specification is along these lines:
  - calling params:
      names a particular type of "suspect" list, e.g. the string "ip" for
      suspect IP addresses; used to retrieve the relevant file, in this case
      jf-ip from the JFDIR directory. JFLIST i


junkfilter for Debian

This is a simple but effective method of removing junk email from your
life. It makes use of procmail, and contains a number of filters which can
be activated in a variety of configurable patterns. The filters, when
detecting junk mail, allows the user to set up procmail to react to the
different classes of junk (or rather suspected junk) in a user-defi



a junk e-mail filter system for procmail

Copyright 1997-2002 Gregory Sutter <>

$Id: README,v 2.25 2002/04/21 03:16:14 gsutter Exp $

	0.  What is junkfilter?
	1.  Use of junkfilter
	2.  How to get junkfilter
	3.  Mailing lists
	4.  Installation instructions
	5.  Sample .procmailrc file
	6.  Helping improve junkfilter
	7.  Customizing junkfilter
	8.  Contribu


junkfilter (20030115-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * Added homepage field to control file.

 -- Santia


a junk email filter system for procmail
Copyright 1997-2001 Gregory Sutter <gsutter@zer0.


This is the Debian junkfilter package. It was first put together by
Gordon Russell and it's currentl

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