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sets up qmail as mail-transfer-agent

This package sets up the Debian qmail package as mail-transfer-agent. It follows the most commonly used public documentation almost completely.

See /usr/share/doc/qmail-run/README.Debian for details.

Package version:2.0.2


qmail-run for Debian

The Debian qmail package does not set up qmail to receive and deliver mail
on the system.

This is done by installing this package or by following the instructions
in [0]Life with qmail, chapter 2.8.

This package sets up qmail following [0]Life with qmail, chapter 2.8,
almost completely, see /usr/share/doc/qmail-run/README.lwq for details.
Additionally i


Installing the package qmail-run on Debian sets up the Debian qmail
installation as mail transfer agent following the most commonly used
public documentation [0]Life with qmail, chapter 2.8, almost completely.

The exceptions are listed in detail below.

Although qmail-run saves the work for installing qmail as described in
chapter 2. of Life with qmail, it is strongly recommended to read through



qmail-run (2.0.2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Makefile: no longer install the (dummy) newaliases program.
  * newaliases: remove; obsolete.
  * debian/control: Depends: fastforward (>= 1:0.51-3) instead of
  * debian/qmail-run.postinst: run newaliases unconditionally.
  * debian/rules: install symlink /usr/sbin/newaliases->qmail-newaliases.
  * debian/control: Conflicts: lsb-core.



Copyright (c) 2000-2004,2008,2010 Gerrit Pape
All rights reserved.

Redistribution and use in source

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