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spamassassin based SMTP/LMTP proxy daemon

spampd is an SMTP/LMTP server designed to be hooked into the MTA processing chain (e.g. as a content filter). It is written in Perl and uses the Net::Server framework. It is intended to provide spam filtering at the system level (i.e. ususally for all users). If you rely on per-user configuration or per-user Bayes databases, spampd is not for you.

The major advantage of spampd over plain SpamAssassin (both directly and through spamd) is that it doesn't need to load all needed perl modules on every invocation or spawn a C programme for every mail it receives. Compared to using spamc/spamd, spampd can usually provide a 25% performance increase with local-only tests.

The advantage of spampd over amavisd-new is that it uses the original SpamAssassin header tags, which are more verbose than the tags which amavisd-new provides. This allows easier filtering in the mail client and easier tuning of SpamAssassin.

Package version:2.30-22


SpamPD for Debian

SpamPD configuration takes place in /etc/default/spampd as far as the network
connections are concerned. Any more advanced configuration of the the
SpamAssassin part is done in /etc/spamassassin/ as usual with with
SpamAssassin. Additionally, as of Debian package 2.30-5, it is now now possible
to specify an additional configuration file which can overri


SPAMPD(8)                 Spam Proxy Daemon                SPAMPD(8)

       SpamPD - Spam Proxy Daemon (version 2.2)

       spampd [--host=host[:port]] [--relayhost=hostname[:port]]
       [--user|u=username] [--group|g=groupname] [--children|c=n]
       #[--maxchildren|mc=n] [--maxrequests=n] [--childtimeout=n]
       [--satimeout=n] [--pid|p=filename] [--nodetach]


spampd (2.30-22) unstable; urgency=low

  * Fix typo in init script
  * Fix check_pid in init script to not take any pre-set VERBOSE environment
    variable into account (closes: #505430)

 -- Sven Mueller <>  Wed, 12 Nov 2008 14:17:30 +0100

spampd (2.30-21) unstable; urgency=low

  * upgrade policy version
  * Add VCS and homepage information to debian/control
  * fix patches to 


SpamPD Change Log

2.30 (31-Oct-05)
- Another, hopefully final, fix for the Sys::S


This package was debianized by Sven Mueller <> on
Mon, 13 Sep 2004 17:00:16 +0200.


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