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wrapper generator for matrix languages

Matwrap is a tool for interfacing C++ code into matrix-oriented scripting languages such as Octave, Tela or Matlab 5.

It generates all the code to convert from the scripting language's internal types into the types that your C++ code understands (e.g., double, char *, float *, struct abc *). You do not need to understand any of the API details of the language to use your C++ code; just give matwrap a .h file describing your functions.

Brief list of features:

- Functions are automatically vectorized. - Arguments containing dimensions of other vector and matrix arguments can be computed automatically and need not be specified. - Pointers to structures and classes are supported. Public member functions of classes may be called, and public data members may be evaluated or set. Inheritance is supported.

Package version:0.57-11


Have you ever wanted to call subroutines from a C library from a
scripting language like MATLAB or octave or tela?  Have you ever wanted
to write your own simulation in C and have its functions be directly
callable from MATLAB, instead of going through output files?  It is very
tedious and error-prone to write the wrapper functions which convert
from MATLAB's types to the float or double or int ty


This directory contains the necessary files for linking PGPLOT to octave
or matlab or tela.  While pgplot is probably not useful from matlab, it
is a good demonstration of what the wrapper generator can do.

Modify the makefile to specify the location of the pgplot libraries on
your system, and type "make octave" to make the octave version, "make
matlab" to make the matlab version, or "make tela" 


The file simple.h contains a few simple functions to demonstrate 
array handling and type conversion.  All of the functions are
'inline' so this example is as easy as possible to link--there should
only be one file which actually needs to be compiled.

Matlab notes:

	Type "make matlab" to make the demo for matlab.
	To run it, enter matlab and type the following:

	>> path('wrap_m', path);
	>> dem


This directory contains an example simulator, written in C++, and the
interface to matlab, octave, a


MATWRAP(1)       User Contributed Perl Documentation      MATWRAP(1)

       matwrap -- Wrap 


matwrap (0.57-11) unstable; urgency=low

  * New patch: new_declaration_of_strcmp, add -fno-exceptio


1999-12-21  Gary Holt  <>

	* Changed copyright to the Artistic license.

Version 0.


		 Improvements I hope to make in Matwrap
			(in no particular order)

o Support void * pointers.


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