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Computer algebra system -- extra code

Maxima is a fully symbolic computation program. It is full featured doing symbolic manipulation of polynomials, matrices, rational functions, integration, Todd-coxeter methods for finite group analysis, graphing, multiple precision floating point computation. It has a symbolic source level debugger for maxima code. Maxima is based on the original Macsyma developed at MIT in the 1970s. It is quite reliable, and has good garbage collection, and no memory leaks. It comes with hundreds of self tests.

This package contains a set of contributed routines and add-on packages.

Package version:5.27.0-3


Affine is a collection of programs for algebraic computing.  It currently
uses maxima for some of the basic routines, as well as for display.

If you have an executable 'saved_affine' you may just invoke that,
or make a link to some place where executables are usually kept:
ln -s /public/affine/saved_affine /public/bin/affine

The maxima-*/info documentation covers maxima and affine.

Much of the 


CharSets is a program which I translated from the Maple package CharSets,
written by Dr. Dongming Wang.  His homepage is
A good reference for Characteristic sets is his book Elimination Methods.

I wish to thank Dr. Wang for making this code available to the maxima
project.  I also wish to thank Dr. Willis, Dr. Fateman and Mr. Dotson for
their assistance with this pro


This package is solver, a parametric equation solver, written by
Eckhard Hennig and Ralf Sommer.  I have made some minor modifications
to it so that it runs on maxima. 
I wish to thank Dr. Hennig for his donation of the solver code to the
maxima project.
Dan Stanger


Notes about amatrix
Robert Dodier, 2007-12-15
I release this file under the terms of the GNU General


The directory maxima/share/combinatorics/ is empty.

(There were two files here which implemented tw


Dear User:

This archive contains 2 files which provide Grobner basis support for the
free computer 


Filename:  share/contrib/README

 Code in this directory is considered external to the
 main Maxima


ZEILBERGER (Version 4.0)


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