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Debian Med general config package

This package provides the basic infrastructure of all med-* packages and is needed by them.

This package provides some files which are common to all med-* packages. Moreover it introduces a method to handle system users in a group med using debconf.

Other packages in Debian Med Project are:

* med-bio biological research * med-bio-dev developing applications in biological research * med-cloud command line biol. applications for cloud computing * med-data drug databases * med-epi epidemiology * med-imaging image processing * med-imaging-dev developing applications for image processing * med-pharmacy pharmaceutical research * med-physics radiation oncology, diagnostic imaging, related fields * med-practice general practitioners * med-psychology psychological research * med-statistics miscellaneous tools medical for statistics * med-tools contains miscellaneous tools * med-typesetting depends from useful tools for typesetting

Note: All these packages are so called metapackages. This means they are not executable programs, but only links to other packages. This way you will conveniently get all the non-commercial medical software which is available for Debian GNU/Linux.

Package version:1.8


This folder collects information on packages that have been built for
the Debian Med Blend or that are currently prepared
to be uploaded.

If you want to add package descriptions, then edit the
respective file in tasks/  and make sure to have read through

For more advanced issues please refer to the Blends paper in full and
consider to t


med-config(1)                                          med-config(1)

       med-config - general Debian-Med package information and auto-
       apt  helper  med-<meta_package_name>  -  Debian-Med   package
       information and auto-apt helper

       med-config med-<meta_package_name>

       Print  just a simple information page about every med-* pack‐


debian-med (1.8) unstable; urgency=low

  [Steffen Möller]
  * Added task cloud: Cloud computing image for Debian Med
  [Andreas Tille]
  * config/control: Depends: blends-common (>= 0.6.15)
  * debian/control.stub: Build-Depends-Indep: blends-dev (>= 0.6.15)
    which provides postrm / preinst scripts for each metapackage to
    enable handling failed-upgrade
    Closes: ##603853

 -- Andreas


This package is Copyright 2004-2009 by Andreas Tille <>

This software is licensed u

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