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apt helper for peer-to-peer downloads of Debian packages

Apt-P2P is a helper for downloading Debian packages files with APT. It will download any needed files from other Apt-P2P peers in a peer-to-peer manner, and so reduce the strain on the Debian mirrors.

The Apt-P2P daemon runs automatically on startup and listens for requests from APT for files, as well as maintaining membership in a Distributed Hash Table (DHT). For any files which have a hash available (most files), peers that have the file are looked for in the DHT. The file can then be downloaded from them, using the uploading bandwidth of other peers while reducing the demand on the Debian mirror network. However, if a package can not be found on any peers, Apt-P2P will fall back to downloading from a mirror to ensure all packages are downloaded. Once downloaded, the file is hash checked and added to the DHT so that other peers can download it without the mirror.

The configuration is very simple, and only involves prepending 'localhost' and the port to your current sources.list lines (similar to other apt-proxy-like software).

Package version:0.1.6


Apt-P2P: a peer-to-peer proxy for apt downloads

### Goal

Similar to DebTorrent[1], Apt-P2P will act as a proxy between apt
requests and a debian repository server, downloading any requested
files from peers (if possible), but falling back to a direct HTTP
download. Unlike DebTorrent, Apt-P2P will be simple, efficient, and


### Features

* Download


apt-p2p (0.1.3) unstable; urgency=low

  Port Forwarding

  It is VERY important that Apt-P2P's ports be reachable by other peers.
  This is needed both to share files with others, and to connect to
  others through the DHT to find peers for files. If you aren't
  accessible by others, you will not only not share anything, but your
  performance during downloading will be affected.
  Apt-P2P us


apt-p2p.conf(5)                                      apt-p2p.conf(5)

       apt-p2p.conf — configuration file for apt-p2p.conf

       Configuration information for apt-p2p.conf is searched for in
       the following order, with  later  entries  overriding  former

          1. /etc/apt-p2p/apt-p2p.conf

          2. $HOME/.apt-p2p/apt-p2p.conf

          3. th


apt-p2p(8)                                                apt-p2p(8)

       apt-p2p  —  ap


apt-p2p (0.1.6) unstable; urgency=low

  * Update for python-apt 0.8 API transition (Closes: #572078


Rotate DNS entries for mirrors more reliably.

Currently the mirrors are accessed by DNS name, which


This is the Debian GNU/Linux packaged version of apt-p2p

The package is written and maintained by C

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         [DIR]etc/ (4)  65535+ mirrors
         [DIR]usr/ (2)  65535+ mirrors
         [DIR]var/ (2)  41013+ mirrors

Download apt-p2p_0.1.6_all.deb

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