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generic Whois Client / Server

gwhois is a generic whois client / server. This means that it know for many (virtually all) TLDs, IP-Ranges and Handles out there where to ask. It queries other whois-servers as well as web-lookup forms.

gwhois can be used as a client, but you can invoke it as a server (e.g. via inetd) as well for usage with a normal whois client.

Package version:20100728


Since a few months queries to RIPE only outputs shortened listings
by default. This is in principal a good step, as the missing 
information was often misunderstood and/or misused by clueless users.

gwhois will therefore NOT circumvent that protection by adding the
needed query flag automatically. However if you want to have that
flag added, you can apply the following patch to your pattern file.


gwhois (20050114) unstable; urgency=low

  Beginning with the 20040307 version, gwhois was delivered with some quite
  extensive lists of ERX (early registration) network blocks. These lists
  slowed down gwhois in an unacceptable way. Therefore these lists are
  removed with the 20050103 version, and we rely on the ARIN redirect feature.

  Gwhois will no longer read the old configuration files. 


gwhois(1)                   User Manuals                   gwhois(1)

       gwhois - generic whois client / server

       gwhois <query>

       gwhois  is a generic whois client. It strives to know for all
       existing tlds and all ip address ranges the appropiate  whois
       server  to  ask.  You can simply call gwhois with a query for
       some domain or som


gwhois (20100728) unstable; urgency=low

  * add "last update of whois database" line to output from


- make a Perl module (CPAN)

- replace lynx -dump with  CTAN::LWP::http and selfwritten descambler



This package is a native debian package, and was first packaged
for debian by Michael Holzt <debian-

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