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Miscellaneous add-ons for Gnus

This package contains a few Emacs-Lisp files, obtained from various sources, including the gnu.emacs.sources newsgroup and a few websites, that provide various functions to Gnus, the Emacs mail and news reader.

This package contains: gnus-eyecandy - enhance the group buffer by adding icons. gnus-filterhist - add a buffer which display the message filtering gnus-junk - semi-automatic replies to junk e-mails; gnus-pers - an alternative to gnus-posting-styles. message-x - customizable completion in message headers; nnir - searchable mail backend; nnnil - empty, read-only backend; nntodo - manage to-do items; spam-stat - spam-detector based on statistics.

See /usr/share/doc/gnus-bonus-el/README.Debian for a short description of all files.

Package version:26.9-1


  This is an introductory starter for the various goodies included in
gnus-bonus-el.  It does not intend to replace reading the documentation
that is made available in the files themselves (or not available at all,
except insofar as code is self-documenting).

You may customize files in this package by using:

 M-x customize-group [RET] gnus-bonus-el [RET]

Introduction to files in gnus-bonus-el


emacs-goodies-el (26.9-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * debian-el:
    - debian-bug.el: Added "Owner:" to ITP bugs. Thanks to Romain
      Francoise for bringing this to my attention (Closes: #388747).
  * dpkg-dev-el:
    - debian-bts-control.el: Some tags are missing in the list". I also
      updated debian-bug.el. Thanks to Thomas Weber (Closes: #373283).

 -- Peter S Galbraith <>  


This package was first debianized by Roland Mas <>
It is currently maintained by Peter S Galbraith <>

  This collection of files was assembled by Roland Mas <>
from various messages posted on the gnu.emacs.sources newsgroup, as well as
from various collections of Emacs Lisp files found on the web.  Some
authors contacted Roland directly, some user

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