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A versatile news and mail reader for Emacsen

Gnus is a flexible message reader running under Emacs. It supports reading and composing both news and mail. In addition, it is able to use a number of web-based sources as inputs for its groups. The main Gnus goal is to provide the user with an efficient and extensible interface towards dealing with large numbers of messages, no matter the form they may have or wherever they may come from. Gnus is fully MIME-compliant and supports reading and composing messages using any charset that Emacs supports.

Gnus biggest strength is the fact that it is extremely customisable. It is somewhat intimidating at first glance, but most of the complexity can be ignored until you're ready to take advantage of it. If you receive a reasonable volume of e-mail (i.e. you're on various mailing lists), or you would like to read high-volume mailing lists but cannot keep up with them, or read high volume newsgroups or are just bored, then Gnus may be what you want.

Note: This package contains beta version from No Gnus series. Users of GNU Emacs 23 are better served by Gnus 5.13 included in GNU Emacs 23 packages.

Package version:5.11+v0.10.dfsg-3


This package contains a beta version of Gnus.  The lisp directory
contains the source lisp files, and the texi directory contains a
draft of the Gnus info pages.

To use Gnus you first have to unpack the files, which you've obviously
done, because you are reading this.

You should definitely byte-compile the source files. To do that, you
can simply say "./configure && make" in this directory.



This is Debian GNU/Linux's packaged beta version of the Emacs mail and
news reader, Gnus.

Please note that this is a development version of Gnus so it keeps a
copy of the incoming mail messages in case something goes wrong. This
behaviour is governed by the variable, mail-source-delete-incoming.

With GNU Emacs 23 it is better to use Gnus 5.13 from Emacs itself,
which is final release bundled in 


The files in this directory are not (yet) part of the Gnus distribution proper.
They may later become part of the distribution, or they may disappear

Please note that it is NOT good to just add this directory to `load-path': a
number of files in this directory will become part of more recent Emacs
versions, so that you might be running obsolete libraries with all kinds of ill


gnus (5.11+v0.10.dfsg-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Remove references to quilt
  * Rewrite debian/ru


2008-05-01  Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen  <>

	* gnus-sum.el (gnus-summary-save-parts): Inh


2008-04-24  Christoph Conrad <>

	* nnir.el: Fix byte compiler warnings.


This is Debian GNU/Linux's packaged beta version of gnus, an emacs mode
for reading mail and news.


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