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Documentation for the lmbench benchmark suite

This package provides all the documentation included in the lmbench benchmark software. This includes:

* references to published articles * presentations made by lmbench authos * the rebuttal of an article claiming lmbench is flawed

Package version:3.0-a9-1


README for lmbench 2alpha8 net release.

To run the benchmark, you should be able to say:

	cd src
	make results

If you want to see how you did compared to the other system results
included here, say

	make see

Be warned that many of these benchmarks are sensitive to other things
being run on the system, mainly from CPU cache and CPU cycle effects.
So make sure your screen saver is not running, 


lmbench (3.0-a9-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Update to latest upstream (3.0-a9).
  * Update to latest Standards-Version. 
  * Incorporate Ubuntu patch: depend on libc6-dev (LP: #246618)
  * Closes: bug#470279 -- replaced all uses of /usr/tmp with /var/tmp
  * Closes: bug#496427 -- removed risk of /tmp symlink attacks by moving
    all usage of /tmp to /var/tmp/lmbench

 -- Al Stone <ahs3@debian.o



Add standard deviation and other statistics calculations to "make stats"
in results.  Alternatively, we might report min, 1Q, median, 3Q, max,
as standard deviation for non-normal distributions isn't always sensible.

Add flags to various file-related benchmarks bw_file_rd, bw_mmap_rd,
lat_fcntl.c, lat_fs, lat_mmap, and lat_pagefault, for parallelism
which selects whether each instance has i


This package was debianized by 
Javier Fernandez-Sanguino <> on
Tue, 19 Feb 2002 22:

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