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libexpect-perl - Perl Expect interface

The Expect module is a successor of and a descendent of It more closely resembles the Tcl Expect language than its predecessors. It does not contain any of the networking code found in I suspect this would be obsolete anyway given the advent of IO::Socket and external tools such as netcat. is an attempt to have more of a switch() & case: feel to make decision processing more fluid. three separate types of debugging have been implemented to make code production easier.

It is now possible to interconnect multiple file handles (and processes) much like Tcl's expect. An attempt was made to enable all the features of Tcl's expect without forcing Tcl on the victim programmer :-) .

Package version:1.20-2

/usr/share/doc/libexpect-perl/README v1.20

Expect requires the latest version of IO::Tty, also available from
CPAN.  IO::Stty has become optional but I'd suggest you also install
it.  If you use the highly recommended CPAN module, there is a
Bundle::Expect available that installs everything for you.

If you prefer manual installation, the usual

  perl Makefile.PL
  make test
  make install



patches to this version of Expect.

From: Eric Anderson <>

diff -c -r libexpect-perl-1.15-orig/ libexpect-perl-1.15/
*** libexpect-perl-1.15-orig/  Wed Apr 27 09:13:08 2005
--- libexpect-perl-1.15/       Wed Apr 27 09:14:45 2005
*** 1256,1262 ****


NOTE: This tutorial is completely outdated and needs a major overhaul.
I still leave it in because it provides some additional info, but
don't expect to be able to learn anything from it...

	The tutorial is in order of how I would want to learn to use this tool.
very briefly, here's an index:

	1. Introduction, how/why one would want to use this tool.
	2. Spawn, expect- how to talk to a process


This is a port of the tcl/expect script 'kibitz' to the perl Expect module.

I have always found it 


Expect(3pm)      User Contributed Perl Documentation     Expect(3pm)

NAME - Expe


libexpect-perl (1.20-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * bug in manual, found by Ph. Marek. Closes: #44101


Ver .92 -
	Finally figured out how to generate an EOF on a terminal (stty 0 but 
you knew that alrea


Fri Feb  9 11:02:44 CST 2001 Lee Eakin  <>

   removed double quotes from writ

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