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Perl module for handling Byte Order Marks

File::BOM provides functions for handling Unicode Byte Order Marks, which are sometimes found at the beginning of some files and streams. It allows programs to automatically determine the original byte ordering a file was written with; in other words, whether the program was written in little-endian or big-endian byte order.

This module provides a simple way to open a file, determine its byte ordering and return the appropriate encoding style. Byte Order Marks are usually found at the beginning of a file, but in the case of a stream where this is not the case, this module also provides a utility to scan any filehandle for it.

Package version:0.14-1


File::BOM(3pm)   User Contributed Perl Documentation  File::BOM(3pm)

       File::BOM - Utilities for handling Byte Order Marks

           use File::BOM qw( :all )

   high-level functions
           # read a file with encoding from the BOM:
           open_bom(FH, $file)
           open_bom(FH, $file, ':utf8') # the same but with a default encoding

           # get encoding too


libfile-bom-perl (0.14-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Initial Release (Closes: #536389)

 -- Jonathan Yu <>  Thu, 9 Jul 2009 08:22:36 -0400


File::BOM changes document

0.14 - Wed Oct 4 2006
    - More workarounds for platforms with odd read() behaviour.

0.13 - Tue Oct 3 2006
    - Tried to workaround platforms where read doesn't return undef on failure.
    - Added Encode to dependencies so that the version number can be seen in
      test reports.

0.12 - Tue Jul 11 2006
    - Added a description section to docs
    - Added informat


TODO list for File::BOM

Iron out bugs in the PerlIO::via interface.

  o Investigate bugs in PerlIO



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