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Perl module for converting UTF-8 strings

This module provides methods to convert UTF-8 strings to any XML encoding that XML::Encoding supports. It creates mapping routines from the .xml files that can be found in the maps/ directory in the XML::Encoding distribution. Note that the XML::Encoding distribution does install the .enc files in your perl directory, but not the.xml files they were created from. That's why you have to specify $ENCDIR as in the SYNOPSIS.

This implementation uses the XML::Encoding class to parse the .xml file and creates a hash that maps UTF-8 characters (each consisting of up to 4 bytes) to their equivalent byte sequence in the specified encoding. Note that large mappings may consume a lot of memory!

Future implementations may parse the .enc files directly, or do the conversions entirely in XS (i.e. C code).

Package version:0.01-7


UM(3pm)          User Contributed Perl Documentation         UM(3pm)

       XML::UM - Convert UTF-8 strings to any encoding supported by

        use XML::UM;

        # Set directory with .xml files that comes with XML::Encoding distribution
        # Always include the trailing slash!
        $XML::UM::ENCDIR = '/home1/enno/perlModules/XML-Encoding-1.01/maps


libxml-um-perl (0.01-7) unstable; urgency=low

  * Fixes bad hardcoded path (Closes: #402585) 
  * Fixed watchfile so that uupdate will work
  * Bumped policy-version to (No other changes)
  * Moved debhelper to Build-Depends instead of -Indep
  * Added specific dependancy on perl (>= 5.6.0-16)
  * Only conditionally ignore make clean errors for lintian

 -- Jay Bonci <>


Revision history for Perl extension XML::UM.

0.01  Sun Aug 26 11:10:26 2001
	- Moved from XML-DOM to separate distribution


This package was debianized by Ardo van Rangelrooij <>
on Mon, Sep  3, 2001, 10:50:23

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