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Python seamlessly integrated with Java

Jython is an implementation of the high-level, dynamic, object-oriented language Python seamlessly integrated with the Java platform. The predecessor to Jython, JPython, is certified as 100% Pure Java.

Jython is complementary to Java and allows the two languages to be freely mixed. It is especially suited for embedded scripting, interactive experimentation and rapid application development, and it can interact with Java packages or with running Java applications.

Package version:2.5.1-2


Jython for Debian

The Jython classes are stored in the archive

Consult the jython(1) man page for details about invocation
of the Jython interpreter.

The Jython API is provided by the jython-doc package in

The complete Jython documentation is available at


Welcome to Jython 2.5.1 Final

This is the final release of the 2.5.1 version of Jython. This release fixes a
number of bugs, including some major errors when using coroutines and when
using relative imports, as well as a potential data loss bug when writing to
files in append mode. Please see the NEWS file for detailed release notes.

The release was compiled on Mac 


This directory contains only a subset of the Distutils, specifically
the Python modules in the 'distutils' and 'distutils.command'
packages.  This is all you need to distribute and install Python
modules using the Distutils.  There is also a separately packaged
standalone version of the Distutils available for people who want to
upgrade the Distutils without upgrading Python, available from the


This directory exists so that 3rd party packages can be installed
here.  Read the source for


Writing Python Regression Tests



This directory only contains tests for outstanding bugs that cause
the interpreter to segfault.  Ide


This directory contains test cases that are known to leak references.
The idea is that you can impor


Contains precompiled pyc files for testing org.python.core.PyBytecode by test_pbcvm - don't delete!

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Download jython_2.5.1-2_all.deb

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