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Python modules to work with Debian-related data formats

This package provides Python modules that abstract many formats of Debian related files. Currently handled are: * Debtags information (debian_bundle.debtags module) * debian/changelog (debian_bundle.changelog module) * Packages files, pdiffs (debian_bundle.debian_support module) * Control files of single or multple RFC822-style paragraphs, e.g debian/control, .changes, .dsc, Packages, Sources, Release, etc. (debian_bundle.deb822 module) * Raw .deb and .ar files, with (read-only) access to contained files and meta-information
Package version:0.1.10


README for debian_bundle.changelog

The aim of this module is to provide programmatic access to Debian changelogs
to query and manipulate them.

N.B. The API is not stable yet, and so you can expect it to change.

Create a changelog object using the constuctor. Pass it the contents of the 
file if there are some entries, or None to create an empty changelog.


This is a collection of modules that are for dealing with Debian related
data. Each module is documented with it's own README file, or some examples.

Currently supported are

  * Debtags data with
  * Debian changelogs with
  * Packages files and the like with debian_support.

Some of the modules will use python-apt for some of the functions. It should
make no difference i

/usr/share/doc/python-debian/README.deb822 README

The Python deb822 aims to provide a dict-like interface to various rfc822-like
Debian data formats, like Packages/Sources, .changes/.dsc, pdiff Index files,
etc. The benefit is that deb822 knows about special fields that contain
whitespace separated sub-fields, and provides named access to them. For
example, the "Files" field in Source packages, which has three s

/usr/share/doc/python-debian/README.debtags.gz README

The Debtags python module provides support for accessing and ma


python-debian (0.1.1) unstable; urgency=low

  This release includes an API incompatible change to c


python-debian (0.1.10) unstable; urgency=low

  * debian_bundle/, tests/


# changelog_to_file -- An example of outputting to changelog to a file.
# Copyrigh



# changelog_head - head like tool for .deb changelog entries
# Copyright (C) 2007

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