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model-view-controller (MVC) implementation for pygtk

This MVC for pygtk2 helps with writing well structured code by splitting the program's code into three distinctive sections. A program written using this MVC pattern usually contains four parts: The view (providing access to the Glade widget tree), the controller (providing glue functions), the model (providing the abstract logic) and the main program (simply connecting the three parts mentioned before).
Package version:1.2.1-3


MVC for pygtk2
Author: Roberto Cavada <cavada AT>

If you have any enhancements implemented or still in mind, or bug
reports, please email me at cavada AT

New Versions
New versions of this package can be found at:

Copyright Information
This software is covered by the GNU Library General Public L


python-gtkmvc for Debian

 The actual python module is called "gtkmvc" (see the included examples). The
 package name "python-gtkmvc" was chosen in order to prevent name mixups with a
 possible gtkmvc C module or a libmvc. gtkmvc's developer approved this.

 To run the examples you may have to unpack the glade file first. The glade file
 was compressed according to the pol


pygtkmvc (1.2.1-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Provided tutorial and user-man as PDF in python-pygtkmvc-doc
    package instead of row tex and src files
  * debian/python-gtkmvc-doc.doc-base:
    + Provided doc-base registration file (Closes: #451671)
  * debian/control:
    + Added build-dependency on texlive and texinfo
    + Added dependency on doc-base for python-gtkmvc-doc

 -- Kartik Mistry <


*  Oct 15 2007               


Design, implementation and mainteinance:
  * Roberto Cavada <cavada AT>  

Custom widget


This package was debianized by Johannes J├Ârdens <> on
Mon, 17 Jan 2005 21:03:34 

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