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Python module to easily build and dissect network protocols

Impacket is a collection of Python classes focused on providing access to network packets. Impacket allows Python developers to craft and decode network packets in simple and consistent manner. It includes support for low-level protocols such as IP, UDP and TCP, as well as higher-level protocols such as NMB and SMB.

Impacket is highly effective when used in conjunction with a packet capture utility or package such as Pcapy. Packets can be constructed From scratch, as well as parsed from raw data. Furthermore, the object oriented API makes it simple to work with deep protocol hierarchies.

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This file is an extract from the the online documentation at

What is Impacket?

Impacket is a collection of Python classes for working with network
protocols. Impacket is mostly focused on providing low-level
programmatic access to the packets, however some protocols (for
instance NMB and SMB) are implemented in a higher level as a


Please note:

The examples for this package is in python-impacket-doc.

When you install that package, you can find the examples
in /usr/share/doc/python-impacket-doc.


impacket ( unstable; urgency=low

  [ Arnaud Fontaine ]
  * New email address.
  * Remove useless debian/
  * debian/control:
    + Update Standards-Version to 3.7.3. No changes needed.
  * debian/copyright:
    + Add package license.
  [ Piotr O┼╝arowski ]
  * debian/control:
    + Added Vcs-Svn, Vcs-Browser and Homepage fields.

  [ Jan Michael Alonzo ]
  * Fix watch file


2006-04-03    <>
	* impacket/ applied patch to fix bug when pars


This package was debianized by Arnaud Fontaine <> on
Tue, 11 Apr 2006 15:51:41 +0200

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