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Web application templating system for Python and Twisted

Nevow's main focus is on separating the HTML template from both the business logic and the display logic, while allowing the programmer to write pure Python code as much as possible. It separates your code into 'data' and 'render' functions, a simplified implementation of traditional MVC. It has various parts which can be used individually or as a whole, integrated web solution:

- XHTML templates: contain no programming logic, only nodes tagged with nevow attributes - data/render methods: simplified MVC - stan: An s-expression-like syntax for expressing xml in pure Python - formless: For describing the types of objects which may be passed to methods of your classes, validating and coercing string input from either web or command-line sources, and calling your methods automatically once validation passes - freeform: For rendering web forms based on formless type descriptions, accepting form posts and passing them to formless validators, and rendering error forms in the event validation fails - livepage: Cross-browser JavaScript glue for sending client side events to the server and server side events to the client after the page has loaded, without causing the entire page to refresh

Package version:0.10.0-4


Divmod Nevow

Divmod Nevow is a web application construction kit written in Python. It is
designed to allow the programmer to express as much of the view logic as
desired in Python, and includes a pure Python XML expression syntax named stan
to facilitate this. However it also provides rich support for designer-edited
templates, using a very small XML attribute language to provide bi


To run examples, use the following command line:
 twistd -d ~ --pidfile=$HOME/ -noy examples.tac

This will create a `knowledge' file in your home directory.

 -- Vincent Bernat <>, Mon,  3 Sep 2007 21:58:55 +0200


Example scripts for wsgi.


NEVOW-XMLGETTEXT(1)                              NEVOW-XMLGETTEXT(1)



nevow (0.10.0-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * Fix FTBFS because of a failed test. Closes: #625151.


2006-06-12  Glyph Lefkowitz <>

	* Nevow 0.9.0: see NEWS.txt for details.



Syntax highlighting: Python, HTML, diff etc
Coloured diff view
Cookie to save author
UI - move menu 


from twisted.application import service, strports
from nevow import appserver

from environment impo

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