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Python tools and GUI application to view and edit databases content

Main features of sqlkit:

- editor of databases in 2 modes: table & mask - based on SQLAlchemy: can cope with many different databases - very powerful filtering capabilities:

* each field can be used to filter visible records * date filtering possible also on relative basis (good for saved queries)

- completion both on local same field and foreign key fields - very easy way to draw a layout for mask views - sqledit: Python script to edit db - completely effortless editing of relationships - very easy way to set defaults - possibility to display totals in numeric fields - constraints: any possible sql constraint can be attached to a Mask or a Table. It can be expressed as a normal SQLAlchemy query or with django-like syntax - completely localized - easy way to add hooks and validation

Package version:0.9.5-1


PYTHON-SQLEDIT(1)                                  PYTHON-SQLEDIT(1)

       sqledit - GUI to edit databases

       sqledit      [options][nick][URI][-ttable][-m][-uURL][-d][-D]

       sqledit is a GUI to edit database *data* (as opposed to data‐
       base schemas).  As sqledit is a GUI it's bettere explained in
       the         html   


sqlkit (0.9.5-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release
  * Added python-uno to Build-Depends
  * Updated patches, moved to gbp-pq naming convention
  * Updated Debian policy version
  * Use local jquery.js and jquery-ui.js.
  * Use system underscore.js
  * Made debian/copyright compliant with DEP-5
  * Removed unsupported brace expansion from dh files
  * Bash completion file is now inst


sqlkit - 0.9.5 - Feb 7 2012

        * porting to SQLA 0.7+
	* table: 
             +  if treestore is used, row deletions of a parent  implies
                deletion of children
	     +  on image field, no entry to cshow image if the image is
             + added a tooltip for the image name
        * docs: minor changes
        * fields: enum now only suggest empty if n


Upstream-Name: sqlkit
Upstream-Contact: Sandro Dentella <san

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