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Ruby interface to the Git revision control system

Ruby/Git allows Ruby applications to access and manipulate Git repositories. It provides an object-oriented interface to Git’s data storage system and is capable of reading from and writing to the index, managing branches, or obtaining information about the history of a project.
Package version:1.2.5-2


== Git Library for Ruby

Library for using Git in Ruby. Test.

= Homepage

Git public hosting of the project source code is at:

= Install

You can install Ruby/Git like this:

$ sudo gem install git

= Major Objects

Git::Base - this is the object returned from a or Git.clone.  
Most major actions are called from this object.

Git::Object - this is the


ruby-git (1.2.5-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Rename to ruby-git and switch to dh_ruby packaging, see
  * Drop the API documentation according to the decision reported there.
  * Point Vcs-* to the renamed repo.
  * Turn libgit-ruby{,1.8} into empty transitional packages, taking over
    the entire libgit-ruby source package.
  * Update debian/


== 1.0.4

* added camping/gitweb.rb frontend
* added a number of speed-ups

== 1.0.3

* Sped up most of the operations
* Added some predicate functions (commit?, tree?, etc)
* Added a number of lower level operations (read-tree, write-tree, checkout-index, etc)
* Fixed a bug with using bare repositories
* Updated a good amount of the documentation

== 1.0.2

* Added methods to the git objects that


Upstream-Name: Ruby/Git
Upstream-Contact: Scott Chacon <scha

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Download ruby-git_1.2.5-2_all.deb

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